What parents say

What some of our parents say about their experiences of our Pre- school:

"Both of my children have attended Tutshill Community Preschool and we feel they have benefitted greatly from their experiences in this setting. One of my children is very quite and shy, the other is very social and active - each has had their needs fully met at Tutshill Pre-school. Debra and her team provide a wonderfully creative learning environment that is calm and safe, providing a wide range of activities and opportunities that are structured and well planned and all of which aim to support the children's development. The transition between Pre-school and primary school was made very easy for my eldest daughter. She was well prepared for her reception year thanks to the Pre School's excellent links with the local primary schools and the frequent visits to school that the children made before starting. My children have both been very happy at Tutshill Community Pre-school and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering pre-school provision in this area." Rebecca

"Both my children loved going to Tutshill pre-school, they still talk about it now! The environment was both stimulating and nurturing. The staff managed to create a space that developed the skills of the children but also provided a warm and emotionally secure place to be. I asked my children what they remembered about going to pre-school and they both said, 'We had fun' - can't put it better myself!" Alex Cowen

"My daughter attends Tutshill Pre-school, following on from her eldest sisters – both of whom loved their time in the setting. I felt they truly flourished and grew in confidence, and it really helped them prepare for school. They made good learning progress, as well as strong friendships, which have carried on into primary education. The staff are fantastic with the children, and my youngest, who has only been attending for a few months, is already very happy there." Xanthe Littledale.